Voting Information

Below is all you need to know in order to vote in this year’s General Election on November 3rd.  Here you will find information from the state and counties in our region on how and where to vote, time lines, and other valuable information to ensure voting is safe and convenient.  You will also find our Local 105 voting guides.  The recommendations in the voting guides are based on who in each district would be the best to support the jobs, wages, benefits, and working conditions of the members of Local 105.

California Voter Info

San Bernardino

Los Angeles County

Kern County

Orange County

Inyo County

Riverside County

Mono County

November 3, 2020 Voting Guide

Below you will find the SMART Local 105 Voting Guides.  The guide is separated into 5 different guides. One guide is for the Federal and State offices as well as the ballot propositions.  The other guides are for local races for each Central Labor Council region.  If you do not see a race on this list it is because either no one for that race interviewed for our endorsement, no candidate that interviewed was found to be suitable for recommendation, or  we do not recommend a particular candidate over another for the position.

Central Labor Council Endorsement Lists

For those that are looking to see how the labor movement is voting, you can find the recommendations and endorsements for the California Federation and the regional labor federations.  These recommendations represent the collective wisdom of all of the affiliated unions and may not be the same as the Local 1o5 voting guide.  Sometimes we disagree or our priorities are differ from our brothers and sisters in the other affiliates and that is OK.  We include these links so that our members are armed with all the available information that is available.  At this time, the Kern, Inyo & Mono County Central Labor Council does not have a website with their endorsements and recommendations, so they are not included in these links.

California Labor Federation

LA County Labor Fed

Orange County Labor Fed

Inland Empire CLC