Rebuild America’s Infrastructure

After years of gridlock, the nation finally has an infrastructure framework worked out between the White House and a bipartisan group of lawmakers to fund a $1.2 trillion investment in our roads, bridges, rails, energy network, ports, airports and more. The Senate passed this bipartisan bill in mid-August, but it still needs to pass the House. In addition, the Senate took their first step toward passing a $3.5 trillion budget resolution to further fund physical and human infrastructure needs. Congress plans to advance these two packages simultaneously.
Now is the time to take action to build a modern-day American economy.
The bipartisan Senate agreement is a great start. Contact your senators and representatives today and ask them to support a final package that includes:
  • Robust funding for school construction;
  • Labor standards as reflected in the PRO Act;
  • Strengthened rail and transit safety provisions (such as those included in the House’s INVEST Act)