On the last night of the legislative session, Assembly leadership ran the clock on construction worker’s jobs. Knowing that they had a midnight constitutional deadline, and even though several hardworking Assemblymembers were pleading for its presentation, they refused to bring up SB995 until 11:57 pm. Although, as expected, this bill easily passed the Assembly with a minute left in the legislative session, there was no time to get a senate concurrence to send this bill to the governor for his signature. SB995 was a streamlining bill supported by business and labor that would have fast-tracked dozens of large projects statewide and created tens of thousands of jobs. In addition, SB995 had to pass for SB757, the mass transit bill representing tens of thousands of additional jobs, to become effective. And beyond running the clock on these two bills, leadership couldn’t even be bothered to bring SB1299 up, a bill that would have put construction workers to work, converting malls and big-box retail into housing. So, with the petty game of running the clock, Assembly leadership took away our jobs and billions of dollars of economic activity during what is promising to be our country’s next big depression