Local 105 SMART Army is Masking & Clipping the Virus

Local 105 SMART Army along with other SMART locals across the county have pledged to supply thin aluminum nose clips to groups in their areas who are sewing protective masks to help fight the COVID 19 virus. Thanks to Superior Duct and ACCO, Local 105 SMART Army has produced thousands of these nose clips, and many have been delivered to mask producers in our region.  Although this may seem like a small thing, for those producing and wearing homemade masks, this could be a “game changer.”

Every time you take a breath, you let out half a liter of air into the atmosphere. Very few masks, even professionally designed ones, create a perfect seal around the nose. When there are gaps on the bridge of the nose and upper cheeks, this hot air can release particles and droplets from your nose and mouth, fogging up glasses or protective eye-wear. This fogging is annoying because it prompts the wearer to touch his or her face which could increase the risk of transmitting the virus from fingers to face. This would undermine the purpose of wearing a mask in the first place.

In surgical and N95 masks, there is often a metal nose clip that allows you to create a better seal around your nose to prevent air and moisture from entering or leaving the mask. Some people have been using pipe cleaners or paperclips in their homemade masks to solve the same issue.  The aluminum nose clips we have helped to create are a much better solution and a small way we can make everyone’s face masks be much more effective.

Below is a message we received from one of the people making masks with the aluminum nose strips we provided.

“What an amazing surprise today to receive the nose guards. I’ve been making masks even before it was mandated for my family and from then I haven’t stopped. I’ve been using twist ties, pipe cleaners and aluminum wire in my masks but now with these nose guards, it’s a game changer. Thank you so much”

Build Your Dreams (BYD), the electric bus manufacturer, had retooled one of their overseas facilities many weeks ago to produce KN95 and surgical masks in response to the global pandemic.  BYD has committed to providing thousands of the surgical masks for the essential workers of SMART Union.  LA Metro has already received thousands of mask for our brothers and sisters in the Transportation Division while nearly 3000 have been procured for members at Local 105.