November 22, 2019

Urgent - Action Needed on Governor’s Vetoes of Fair Wages for Construction

Attached please find a copy of the Building Trades News covering the three vetoes by Governor Newsom that we outlined in the October 15th Building Trades Bulletin. As a reminder, the Governor vetoed AB 520, AB 1613 and SB5-three bills that would have ensured that construction workers would get paid prevailing wage on certain projects that receive public funding including conduit bonds.

Please review the attached Building Trades News coverage and consider pushing out the activation to your members and apprentices by asking them to text Veto to 52886. You can also email, text and post on your social media channels the below graphic to spread the word.

In addition, please see attached letter for your consideration as a template for a letter from your local or affiliate to the Governor. It is important that the Building Trades’ 450,000 members and 63,000 apprentices, all who depend on us to ensure they are paid fairly for their work, are heard by the Governor.

It is inconceivable that a Democratic governor, that we supported, would veto three bills that were passed overwhelmingly by both houses. Absent his veto, these bills would become law on January 1st.