Protect Our Pensions

A select congressional committee, composed of members of the US House and Senate, is currently reviewing options to assist a small group of multi-employer pension plans that are on the verge of collapse. Some of the proposed solutions include a major hike in fees and costs to pension plans such as ours.

The time to take action is today. The committee is working with a deadline of November 30th to settle on a solution moving forward.

While you are welcome to email your congresspersons, phone calls are needed now more than anything. We made it easy for you - text the word PENSION to 21333* - you will be texted a simple script and a link to our email action. Once you reply with the word READY to the text, you will then be connected to your congressperson's office.

Below is a simple script you can work from. Review the script, TEXT THE WORD PENSION TO 21333*, then call your congressperson.

Please forward this to your fellow members and family members. Tell them to take action by simply texting the word PENSION to 21333.*


My name is ___________ and I am a member of SMART Local ____. I, along with my union brothers and sisters, participate in a multi-employer defined benefit pension fund.

I am calling today to voice my strong opposition to the current proposal of the Joint Select Committee. This proposal attempts to infuse money into the broken PBGC on the backs of healthy plans and forces well performing funds backwards in their funding status.

My union does not endorse this proposal, nor do I. We expect any friend of labor to stand with us on this position.

Below is contact information for members of the Select Committee:

Congressman Vern Buchanan – Florida 16th 202-225-5015

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx – North Carolina 5th 202-225-2071

Congressman Phil Roe – Tennessee 1st 202-225-6356

Congressman David Schweikert – Arizona 6th 202-225-2190

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell – Michigan 12th 202-225-4071

Congressman Richard E. Neal – Massachusetts 1st 202-225-5601

Congressman Donald Norcross – New Jersey 1st 202-225-6501

Congressman Bobby Scott – Virginia 3rd 202-225-8351

Senator Orrin Hatch –Utah (Co-Chair) 202-224-5251

Senator Lamar Alexander –Tennessee 202-224-4494

Senator Michael Crapo –Idaho 202-224-6142

Senator Rob Portman – Ohio 202-224-3353

Senator Sherrod Brown – Ohio (Co-Chair) 202-224-2315

Senator Heidi Heitkamp – North Dakota 202-224-2043

Senator Joe Manchin – West Virginia 202-224-3954

Senator Tina Smith – Minnesota 202-224-5641