When we fight, we win

A message from Rusty Hicks, President, LA Fed:

After two years of attacks by Donald Trump and the Republican Congress, working people rose up with their neighbors and took back their democracy.

Union members and those not yet organized, immigrants and U.S.-born, black and white and Asian and Latino, the LGBT community, and any American with a sense of fair play and justice looked at each other and said, "there's more of us than there are of them." And the new Congress will reflect that.

I'm proud of the thousands of Los Angeles County union members who volunteered through the LA Fed on the most competitive races in the county.

Most importantly, we did it in coalition with Americans from all walks of life who heard the call of solidarity. This election is proof: When we fight, we win.
88% of the candidates we endorsed to represent us in Washington DC won, including Katie Hill who worked side by side with rank and file union members to defeat the anti-worker, anti-healthcare, anti-social security incumbent, Steve Knight, in the 25th Congressional District.

Thus far, 75% of the candidates we endorsed to represent us in statewide office have won, including Governor-Elect, Gavin Newsom, and Insurance Commissioner-Elect, Ricardo Lara. With millions of votes still being counted, we have faith that workers' rights champion, Tony Thurmond will be our next State Superintendent of Instruction.

89% of the candidates we endorsed to represent us in Sacramento won their seats, including former member of the United Long-Term Care Workers family, Wendy Carrillo, in State Assembly District 51, and former LA Fed President, and current UNITE HERE International Vice President, Maria Elena Durazo in State Senate District 24.

Some of our greatest victories came through statewide propositions and local ballot measures. By defeating Proposition 6 we saved 68,000 good jobs annually, and preserved hundreds upon hundreds of projects that will do everything from relieving traffic congestion and improving transit, to fixing potholes and bridges. We'll spur $183 billion in economic growth, and raise up working families across the Golden State.

By passing Measure W in LA County we ensured that none of us would find ourselves without clean and safe drinking water on the basis of their zip code. Water is life. We all need it, and that's why we supported this investment in the infrastructure to move clean and safe drinking water across our county. By passing Measure W we paved the way for thousands of jobs in construction, operations, and maintenance. Winning on the ballot moved us closer to a healthy Los Angeles where our families can afford to live.

Together we made history. LA Fed candidate Alex Villanueva won with the support of a broad labor-community coalition, and will become Los Angeles’ first Spanish-speaking sheriff in more than 120 years. And together we made justice. Measure WW in Long Beach united the labor movement and #MeToo/#TimesUp. Hotels will be required to provide housekeepers with panic buttons to prevent the kinds of assaults that industry has resisted facing head-on