Are employers crying wolf on labor shortage?


Feb. 1, 2018

Are employers crying wolf on labor shortage?

In a Sacramento Bee op-ed column, SBCTC President Robbie Hunter has taken issue with some misinformation that is circulating in the state about a so-called labor shortage in California.

“If you are an employer who has profited in the past by paying slave wages, by not paying your taxes, by not paying your unemployment insurance or workers comp, by not providing health care and pension benefits to your workers, then the answer is yes, you have a problem,” Hunter wrote.

Construction unemployment has increased, but wages have stayed relatively flat — a strong indication that the labor shortage isn’t as pronounced as anti-union contractor associations would have you believe, Hunter said.

Meanwhile, Hunter wrote, some construction workers victimized by wage theft in the underground economy are fleeing for minimum-wage jobs in the fast food and other industries because they know they will at least get paid.

You can read the whole column here:

The column also is scheduled to appear on Sunday, Feb. 4, in the Forum section of the printed edition of the Sacramento Bee.