Statement by SBCTC President Robbie Hunter on Gov. Brown’s final “State of the State” speech


Jan. 25, 2018

Statement by SBCTC President Robbie Hunter on Gov. Brown’s final “State of the State” speech

“Gov. Jerry Brown has led California out of the worst financial crisis that the state has seen in recent memory. He has kept his word. He has kept his promises.

“He has helped employers grow. He has helped industries modernize, from energy companies to entertainment, to provide jobs that pay decent wages. These jobs have driven the economy.

“He has worked with business and with labor, including the Building Trades. He understands the benefit of having a skilled, highly-trained, streamlined workforce of 450,000 men and women who are ready to build public infrastructure and private projects, while being paid a fair, middle-class wage that can support a family here in California.

“He has supported apprenticeships that make more jobs available for young people coming out of high school. His support is a major reason that we are have nearly 50,000 young men and women in state-approved Building Trades apprenticeship programs — plumbers and electricians and the rest, who will provide the future workforce needed to keep the state’s economy growing.

“He has provided a balanced budget, while using his frugal economic discretion to fund government and maintain a necessary rainy day fund. He went to the voters for a one-time tax when he thought it was necessary to find extra funds to address education and public services.

“He has kept education at the forefront, knowing that we are in a world economy, and that we have to have the best educational system possible. He has worked hard to address issues such as affordable housing and health care.

“He has made every effort to address the needs such as water, infrastructure, and transportation – issues that he tackled head first with great forethought.

“Perhaps most tellingly, he has left this state far better than it was eight years ago. He has looked for answers, not sound bites.

“He is the opposite of many politicians who make noise but provide little detail. He has had volumes of achievement.”