President Hunter to ABC: Do your homework




Jan. 18, 2018


President Hunter to ABC: Do your homework

President Robbie Hunter had a something to say this week to the NorCal president of the rogue Associated Builders and Contractors – do your homework.

In an op-ed column in Capitol Weekly, the president of the State Building and Construction Trades Council said that an earlier article written by the ABC’s Michele Daugherty was “drastically in need of an insertion of some true facts.”

Daugherty bragged that her group represented 1,200 contractors; Hunter pointed out that this was out of total of more than 280,000 contractors in the state, or a mere 0.425 percent. She boasted about the ABC’s apprenticeship programs; he presented numbers that showed the ABC’s programs don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the SBCTC’s .

She complained about the state Legislature’s decision to expand a state-approved joint labor/management pre-apprenticeship program. He detailed the votes in favor of the

expansion – 76-0 in the Assembly and 38-1 in the state Senate.

“We spend in excess of $100 million a year to make sure that our 230 programs are the best in the world,” Hunter wrote. “That’s why we get so many construction workers who enroll in our programs after they’ve completed the ones sponsored by Daugherty’s group, only to find that they still need more training to get their certificates.”

Read Robbie’s column here:

Here’s the ABC column: