Action Alert: Contact LA Metro in Support of Local Union Jobs

The LA Metro Board of Directors will take a vote on a “ZERO EMISSION TRANSIT BUS CONTRACT” this week. The LA Metro Staff will present a recommendation to award the over $70 million contract to the out of state, non-union plant, New Flyer, instead of the Lancaster BYD plant organized by SMART Sheet Metal Workers Local 105.

The BYD proposal is far superior to the plan offered up by New Flyer. BYD has a lower cost to produce, a lower cost to maintain, and guarantees high quality middle class jobs right here in LA County. The New Flyer proposal supports low quality of life jobs for workers out of state and at a higher price. The BYD proposal saves the tax payers and helps grow our local economy in ways that the New Flyer proposal could never do. So, it’s confusing and exceptionally frustrating to see that the LA Metro Staff would make this recommendation. It raises questions as to the motivations of the LA Metro Staff, and puts into question their commitment to the citizens, voters and tax payers of LA County.

The LA Metro Board of Director, made up elected officials, serves as a check to the sometimes-questionable decisions made by LA Metro Staff because they are responsive to the citizens and voters, not the desires of out of state corporate interests. Local 105 is requesting that members residing in LA County try attend the meeting. Members can also contact their representatives on the Board of Directors, and demand that they vote in favor of the tax payers, high quality middle class jobs and the BYD proposal.

The LA Metro System Safety and Operations Committee will take place on:

Thursday, June 15th 2017 10:15 AM
One Gateway Plaza
3rd Floor, Metro Board Room
Los Angeles, CA 90012

The meeting details and agenda can be seen by following the link below.

LA Metro System Safety and Operations Committee

The link below has the contact information for the LA Metro Board of Directors.


For LA County residents, you can find who your representative is by following the link below.


For City of Los Angeles residents, you can also find who your City representative is by following the link below.